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Finding fitness after fatherhood with CAROL

A beacon of hope for busy parents everywhere, this story goes beyond just finding time for exercise; it's about the quality of life that comes from being in better health and having more energy for those precious moments with family.
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Like many new parents, Anthony Lively found his priorities shifting dramatically with the arrival of his first child. Fitness, once a staple of his daily routine, took a backseat as he navigated the challenges of fatherhood. However, the discovery of CAROL Bike through one of Dave Asprey’s Reels sparked a change in his perception of effective workouts.  


Anthony’s fitness journey was redefined by the realization that achieving significant results didn’t require the traditional 20-40 minutes of daily exercise he previously thought necessary. “My CAROL journey started with seeing a reel of David Asprey talking about a bike that could provide an incredibly effective workout in 5 minutes.” This came at a crucial time when his health needed attention.  


“After the birth of our first child, Owen, in February 2022, everything was different. My new list of priorities did not include any type of workouts,” Anthony shares, highlighting a common sentiment among new parents

The decision for change  

With limited time and elevated blood pressure, Anthony and his wife decided to give CAROL Bike a try, reassured by the 100-day home trial offered. What followed was a transformative experience. “CAROL Bike has been a catalyst in getting my level of fitness to a much better point,” Anthony recounts. He quickly noticed improvements in his physical health and stress levels, validating his decision. 


Anthony’s story exemplifies the practicality of CAROL Bike for those with hectic schedules. Despite unforeseen delays and early morning commitments in his week, he managed to integrate effective workouts into his life seamlessly.  


“Last week had some great examples of how CAROL Bike makes working out possible,” he recalls. “Early in the week, I hit traffic dropping my son off to daycare. When I got home, I was still able to squeeze in a 5-minute workout. Later in the week, I had a very early meeting.  I was able to wake up just 10 minutes earlier and get my workout in for the day. I was more alert and relaxed during my meeting because of this. Overall, CAROL Bike has made it much easier to increase our level of fitness in the short amount of time we have available.” 


Anthony’s story shows that significant health and fitness improvements are within reach, regardless of life’s demands. His journey with CAROL Bike highlights the importance of adapting to life’s changes without sacrificing personal health goals. For Anthony, and many like him, CAROL isn’t just the bike that gets you fittest, fastest; it’s a gateway to a healthier, more balanced life where family and fitness can coexist. 

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