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A CrossFitter’s perspective—Michael Kummer

“It’s only 40 seconds of work, but the health benefits are the same as a 45-minute run” - Micheal details how CAROL’s efficiency complements his exercise regime.

Former professional sprinter, Michael Kummer, is a tech and healthy living enthusiast. He follows the CrossFit methodology, leveraging their variety of exercises and HIIT workouts to stay fit. Now a dedicated rider of over 2 years, Michael says CAROL Bike not only complements his exercise regimen, but makes him a better CrossFit athlete by improving his VO2max and aerobic capacity.

“Every time you mount the bike, you get a personalized workout that improves your health and fitness”.

5 minutes, 3x a week—CAROL Bike’s signature workout is proven to be the most effective cardio workout. CAROL’s science-backed workouts will:


  • Improve your cardio by 12% in just 8 week
  • Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 62%—and blood pressure by 5%
  • Burn more calories in 15-minutes vs a 30-minute run

Michael stresses that you don’t have to be a CrossFitter to benefit from CAROL. CAROL’s short, AI-personalized workouts will significantly improve your health and fitness—regardless of your fitness level.

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Biohacker Approved

Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking on CAROL Bike: “This is real!”

CAROL rider – Simone

Joining the CAROL community through a unique twist of fate, rider Simone shares how CAROL Bike has transformed her cardiovascular health in just 3 months.

Anthony Lively

Rider Anthony redefined his post-fatherhood fitness after discovering that effective workouts were possible in just 5 minutes with CAROL Bike.

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