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“Most Innovative Exercise Bike 2022”

After a 2-month test, here’s what Coop from Garage Gym Reviews found—and shared—with his 385k strong community: CAROL is the most innovative and efficient bike out there.

Cooper Mitchel’s review of the CAROL Bike meant it won “Best Exercise Bike” and “Most Innovative Exercise Bike” of 2022, at the Fitness Most Wanted Awards.

After hearing that CAROL Bike has the shortest, most effective cardio workouts possible, Coop put it to the test for 2 months. The result? He’s now a firm believer—and uses it 5 times a week.

“CAROL Bike is the most efficient piece of gym equipment we’ve ever tested.”
Cooper Mitchel
Garage Gym Reviews
CAROL Bike learns to push you to your limit. With each short, AI-personalized workout your optimal resistance is applied instantly, so every second matters. Scientifically-proven to give you the most effective workouts possible.
Biohacker Approved

Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking on CAROL Bike: “This is real!”

CAROL rider – Simone

Joining the CAROL community through a unique twist of fate, rider Simone shares how CAROL Bike has transformed her cardiovascular health in just 3 months.

Anthony Lively

Rider Anthony redefined his post-fatherhood fitness after discovering that effective workouts were possible in just 5 minutes with CAROL Bike.

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