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CAROL Bike was developed with leading exercise researchers to deliver the shortest, most effective workouts. Our signature REHIT workout creates the most potent training stimulus with just 2x20-second sprints. It’s scientifically proven to deliver double the health and fitness benefits compared to normal exercise—in 10% of the time.

How the REHIT adaptation pathway works

CAROL’s AI-personalization and Instant Resistance help you push to your limits during the sprints. Like in a ‘fight or flight’ situation, your muscles are forced to mobilize about 25-30% of muscular glycogen—your emergency energy reserve—releasing key signalling molecules (AMPK and PGC-1a), telling your body it must get fitter and stronger.

You develop more mitochondria, your blood plasma volume increases, and your heart gets stronger. Resulting in increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

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