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From energizing mornings to marathon prep: Everett's story

CAROL exceeded rider Everett's expectations, becoming an integral part of his family's daily routine and supporting his marathon prep.

A new dawn: Discovering CAROL's daily boost

Rider Everett Myers initially turned to CAROL seeking an improvement in his overall health and fitness, intrigued by the promise of highly efficient workouts that wrap up in just 5 minutes. It was love at first ride. After receiving their bike, Everett and his wife consistently rode for 7 consecutive days—encouraged by how short and effective their CAROL rides were. With each session, they noticed CAROL Bike’s AI adeptly adjusting resistance, incrementally challenging them as their fitness progressed.  


Beyond just the physical gains, CAROL Bike became a keystone health habit for Everett and his wife. Morning rides not only invigorated them but also cultivated a heightened awareness of healthier choices throughout the day. 


“We are more energized in the morning after this quick ride shortly after waking up. It is a keystone health habit builder that not only makes you feel better but makes you more conscious of acting in healthier ways throughout the day.” 

Aiding athletic ambitions

As his relationship with CAROL grew, so did Everett’s ambitions. Training for a half marathon, he introduced CAROL Bike sessions into his regimen and noticed a remarkable difference within just 2 weeks. His Garmin watch recorded a 5% increase in his VO2max levels—a vital boost with his race just around the corner. 


“I know this will continue to build cardiovascular and physical strength with consistent use and having experienced how easy it is to use, being consistent will not be a problem.” 


CAROL’s influence wasn’t just confined to Everett. His wife also benefits from a daily ride, which “we look forward to every morning.” And his daughter, fresh from college, embraced the bike during her visits home, finding the same zest and energy her father raved about.  

Everett's family enjoying their daily rides with CAROL Bike 1.0.

CAROL Bike can be used by the whole family, with the functionality for up to 8 rider profileseach with their unique AI-personalized resistance. It’s clear that while CAROL promises a short workout, its impact reverberates through the day, whether you’re kickstarting morning energy or training for an endurance competition. 


“This will help anyone get into the habit of exercising and will also support high performance athletes in reaching higher levels of strength and fitness. I recommend the purchase of CAROL without any hesitation!” 

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