CAROL AI-powered stationary bike


The future of fitness

The first AI-powered exercise bike with the ultimate personalized workouts.

The fastest way to get fit, healthy, and lose weight.




The future of fitness

Maximum results in minimum time
  • Optimized workouts

    – 8:40 per ride
    – 3 rides per week
    – 8 weeks for proven results

  • Proven health benefits

    – Higher VO2max
    – Lower blood pressure
    – Weight loss

  • Continual updates

    – Improved algorithms
    – New rides and features
    – Third party integrations

Too busy to exercise? Want to see better and faster results? That’s why we created CAROL so you can enjoy the maximum health and fitness benefits with the minimum time required.

Our main workout lasts just eight minutes 40 seconds. Do it three times a week for just eight weeks and it’s been scientifically proven to deliver double the health and fitness gains of regular exercise.

CAROL is the first exercise bike to let you enjoy lab-grade exercise in your own home. It is based on a type of high-intensity training called REHIT that was designed in a lab, studied by scientists, and refined by us so you can reap the benefits.

Your AI fitness coach

Personalized workouts tailored to you


CAROL’s software tailors each workout to you, calculating a resistance level that is personalized to bring you maximum results.

There are no dials or user input needed. Simply get on, start pedalling, and let CAROL do the rest.

What do you want to achieve?

Whether you’d like to get fitter and healthier, lose weight, or manage an existing condition, CAROL is your prescription to wellbeing.

Our workouts are suitable for any age and fitness level. CAROL has been designed with many features to keep you safe, and its short intense workouts are less strenuous than longer interval workout routines.

Whatever your workout goals, we can help you achieve them and offer personalised consultations with our customer success team as part of the service.

Continual updates

Your complete fitness solution

Thanks to CAROL’s cutting edge AI software, every ride you do will be different. As you get fitter, CAROL will calculate the exact resistance to get you to peak power and push you to reach new targets.

You can also use your CAROL bike like a regular exercise bike and mix in popular streaming classes such as Peloton Digital and Apple Fitness+, or (coming soon) race along with Zwift and Kinomap*.

CAROL is always learning so you’ll also benefit from software updates and new features. Plus, you can save each ride and see how you compare to other users on our global leaderboard. We like to think of it as our Tour de CAROL.

* Separate subscription required with third-party apps

CAROL’s mobile app allows you to analyze ride metrics and share your workouts
Track your metrics with the CAROL mobile app

Equipped with a progress-tracking interface, CAROL allows you to analyze your ride metrics and share your session with your doctor or coach to maximize your fitness results and performance.

CAROL’s mobile app has a social feature that allows you to share your workout data with your friends. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

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