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Beyond survival: How CAROL Bike fueled Carolyn’s comeback

After a life-altering accident, Carolyn Kostopoulos turned adversity into advantage with CAROL Bike. Embracing CAROL's efficient workouts, she found a powerful ally in maintaining her health, proving that determination and the right tools can rewrite any wellness story.

Back in February 2020, Carolyn’s routine bike ride to her strength training session took a shocking twist. Hit by a car and landing in freezing water, she ended up with a broken femur and heel. Waking up to hear her bones were in bad shape wasn’t the wake-up call she hoped for. “The first thing the surgeon told me was how terrible my bones were, and that I needed to be on bisphosphonates for the rest of my life,” Carolyn shares. But she wasn’t about to throw in the towel. 


Years before this, Carolyn was already questioning the mainstream medical approach. Exposure to formaldehyde had seriously messed with her lungs, leading to a grim forecast of lifelong asthma and a lot of medication. Not one to follow the beaten path, Carolyn looked elsewhere. “I dived into everything from yoga to vitamin drips,” she says, determined to find a better way. 

With the help of CAROL Bike, Carolyn is able to maintain her cardiovascular health, mobility, and overall well-being.

Turning the tide with CAROL Bike

Fast forward to her recovery from the accident, and CAROL Bike enters the scene. Traditional biking was no longer an option, but CAROL became her go-to. “CAROL Bike gives me a quick and safe way to build cardiovascular health,” Carolyn points out, emphasizing how it also keeps her blood sugar and lung health in check. 


These days, she mixes weights, cardio, and CAROL, her favorite workout being REHIT Energizer, consisting of 3×10-second sprints. Carolyn sees CAROL as vital in maintaining her mobility, flexibility, and overall well-being. “I’m not training for a marathon. I just want to keep my health intact as I age, and CAROL Bike is an important part of keeping me on track,” she says, her determination as strong as ever.

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