CAROL Workouts

Fitness for everybody

1 maximum intensity workout, 6 CAROL protocols, continual updates and integrations with other fitness apps. No matter what you want to achieve, CAROL’s personalized workouts are tailored for you.

Perfect workouts, made to measure

Want to get fitter and healthier?

CAROL is the most effective way to improve your aerobic capacity, which in turn will make you leaner, fitter, and healthier.

Want to lose weight?

CAROL’s ‘after burn’ burns more calories after you get off the bike than while you’re on it. Improvements in insulin sensitivity help you become metabolically flexible and better at burning fat for fuel.

Want to manage health conditions?

The short duration of CAROL’s workouts puts less strain on your body than other forms of exercise, whilst providing numerous health benefits.

Want more variety?

As well as a free ride option, CAROL can be used with Peloton Digital and Apple Fitness+ classes and will soon let you join a Zwift or Kinomap race.

Getting to know you

After six rides, CAROL gets to know you and exactly how hard to push you.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health and fitness. That’s why CAROL gets to know you, using your age, gender, height, weight, and performance data from on-board sensors to create your perfect workout.

Rides 1-3 – these are “ramp up rides”, they help you get used to CAROL, and also help CAROL’s AI algorithms learn about you. This is important practice before exercising at maximum intensity.

First Ramp Up ride features 10-second sprints, and rides 2 and 3 give you the choice to continue doing 10-second sprints, or increase sprint duration to 15 seconds or 20 seconds. 

After ride 3 – you have now have full access to the workouts and features of the bike. As multiple metrics are measured on each ride, CAROL will constantly re-calculate the resistance to reflect changes to your fitness.

Ready to go?

Maximum results. Minimal time. Lasting as little as 5 minutes, CAROL leads you through 2x 20-second maximum intensity sprints with warm up, recovery, and cooldown. Intense rides deliver the scientifically proven benefits and drive the personalization of all rides, so should be part of any program.

If your energy levels are low, this ride will invigorate you for the day ahead. The workout is structured the same as the Intense ride, but the maximum intensity sprints only last 10 seconds.

Fancy something different?

Fat Burn:
Generates massive ‘after burn’ and is proven to help lose nine times more fat than regular exercise, you can opt for the 30 sprint (15 mins) or 60 sprint (25 mins) ride. Both options involve eight-second sprints at personalized resistance followed by 12-second rests.

Constant Power:
Set your desired power and see how long you can sustain it. Unlike other exercise bikes, CAROL automatically adjusts the resistance as your RPM changes so you can focus on the workout, not the dials. Ideal to test your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

Test your endurance and Maximum Aerobic Power with this gruelling stamina test that automatically increases power until you reach your limits. Academic researchers and specialised facilities can use this test with a breath analyser to measure VO2max.

Free Ride:
When you fancy a regular ride, you can jump on and control resistance using the touchscreen slider or take part in a Peloton Digital or Apple Fitness+ class, or (coming soon) join a Zwift or Kinomap race.

The right program for you
Intense Other workouts
Minimum effective dose 3 per week For both fitness gains or health benefits
Daily exercise 3-6 per week Free ride:
1-4 per week
Try to leave 24 hours between intense rides. Supplement with other workouts.
Weight loss (steady) 2 per week Fat Burn:
1 per week
It is important to build a habit so don’t drop below these three exercises per week. Keep at it for at least 6-8 weeks.
Weight loss (aggressive) 2+ per week Fat Burn:
2-3 per week
Substitute workouts with up to 2 energizer rides.
Quantified self 3 per week Constant power:
1 per month

1 per month
Track your functional threshold power and maximum aerobic fitness