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Ally’s adaptive training: Merging CAROL Bike and martial arts

Martial artist Ally Sinyard leverages CAROL Bike for cardio health and workout variety, finding an efficient, optimized fitness solution.

Ally Sinyard, a devoted martial artist practicing kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and MMA, discovered CAROL Bike as a complementary tool for maintaining cardiovascular health while recovering from RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport). Ally’s story highlights the adaptability of CAROL Bike to support anyone looking to diversify and optimize their workout routine. 


Initially drawn to CAROL Bike for its promise of significant health benefits from short workouts, Ally found an ideal solution for maintaining cardio fitness without the time commitment required by traditional methods. “I was interested in the health benefits the bike was reported to have in a short space of time,” Ally recalls, contrasting this with the usual HIIT workouts or steady-paced runs she does. 

A flexible fitness ally

Despite the challenge of quantifying the specific impact of CAROL Bike alongside an intense martial arts regimen, Ally credits the bike with keeping cardio and stamina levels high during periods away from the gym. “It’s certainly helped keep my cardio/stamina topped up,” Ally notes, appreciating the bike’s role in a well-rounded training schedule. 


Currently, Ally strategically incorporates CAROL Bike sessions to supplement gym absences and to introduce variety into a workout routine heavily focused on martial arts. Upcoming surgery poses a temporary halt to mat training, spotlighting CAROL Bike as an invaluable resource for maintaining fitness during recovery. “I’ve got surgery coming up…so I’ll definitely be making use of the bike then!”. 


What sets CAROL Bike apart for Ally isn’t just the efficiency of the workouts but their structured variety and optimization. “It’s way more interesting than just pedaling away for an hour at a random resistance,” Ally explains, highlighting the value of knowing that every moment on the bike is maximized for health and fitness gains. 


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