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CAROL Bike for your gym

Elevate your fitness space with the future of fitness

CAROL Bike was developed with leading exercise researchers to deliver the shortest, most effective workouts.  

Transform your gym with scientifically proven, AI-personalized workouts, to help get your clients fittest, fastest.

"A groundbreaking piece of exercise equipment."

Why choose CAROL Bike?

CAROL offers the shortest, most effective solutions to improve health and fitness for your clients. With a unique blend of science-backed workouts and AI-personalization, CAROL Bike provides time-efficient cardio for all ages and fitness levels.

Scientifically proven results

Our signature REHIT workout is scientifically proven to deliver superior health and fitness benefits vs regular cardio—in 90% less time.

Increased workout efficiency

Less time on cardio means more time spent on other areas—so you can create the optimal programme for your clients.

Attract and retain members

CAROL Bike’s time-efficient, and AI-personalized workouts, attract a growing community of self-optimizers and fitness enthusiasts looking for specialist workout programmes.

Unlock the future of fitness

CAROL Bike's AI-personalization means it's suitable for any age and any fitness level. Our AI learns to push you to your limit, automatically applying your optimal resistance, to ensure the workouts are most effective for every individual.

You’ll burn more calories on a 15-minute CAROL ride, than a 30-minute run.

CAROL’s REHIT workout is proven to improve VO2max by 12%—in just 8 weeks.

Optimal design for commercial use

All CAROL Bikes are tested and certified for professional and commercial use. Our bikes have: 


  • Extremely robust, heavy-duty steel frames to withstand sprint training with ease 
  • Silent, frictionless magnetic brake systems ensuring low maintenance and excellent longevity 
  • Ergonomic design and AI-personalization making it the optimal cardio choice for a wide range of users
  • A small footprint of 4’ x 2’ enabling superior space utilization 

Your commercial membership benefits

With CAROL Bike and commercial membership, you will get:

Unlimited user profiles

Ability to add up to unlimited additional user profiles (whereas CAROL Bike for home use is limited to a maximum of 8 user profiles).

5 year frame warranty

Limited warranty covering commercial and professional use (5 years on frame, 1 year on components).

Exclusive software features

  • Gym and personal trainer dashboards
  • Big screen leaderboard
  • Booking system
  • Gym user login
  • Co-branding (contact us for eligibility)
  • API data access and integration (contact us for eligibility)

4x CAROL heart rate monitors

4 complimentary CAROL H3 arm band heart rate monitors (priced individually at $139 per monitor).

10x replacement arm band straps

10x complimentary arm band straps (priced individually at $15 per strap).

Other benefits

  • Access to CAROL customer success manager
  • Marketing support providing creative and educational assets
  • Option to participate in referral incentive scheme and accessory resale

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Loved by our community

Hear how our community of real riders, fitness thought-leaders, and self-optimizers make the most of every workout with CAROL Bike.

Commercial pricing

Start your CAROL journey today.


CAROL commercial bikes start at $3995/bike.


  • Up to 25 users: $49/month
  • Up to 50 users: $99/month
  • Up to 100 users: $149/month
  • Unlimited users: $199/month
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