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Optimal design

CAROL Bike’s frame, brake system, and screen have all been meticulously designed to offer an optimal Reduced Exertion HIIT (REHIT) experience, while offering more choice and versatility than most other smart bikes.

A frame built to last

REHIT requires maximum intensity. Even though it’s only for a short moment, the applied forces are incredibly high. CAROL Bike features a heavy-duty steel frame, designed and certified for commercial (gym) use. This sets it apart from many other popular bikes and ensures long-lasting durability.

Instant resistance

CAROL Bike’s computer-controlled brake automatically applies your personal, optimized resistance at precisely the right time, in a fraction of a second, allowing you to reach maximum intensity levels. This makes 2×20-second sprints sufficient to create the most potent training stimulus. All you need to do is go all-out.

Freewheeling safety

Most other exercise bikes have a fixed transmission between cranks and flywheel, meaning you cannot suddenly stop pedaling and need an emergency brake. While this makes steady pedaling easier out of the saddle, it’s not ideal for explosive REHIT sprints where you are going from zero to max for 20 seconds only. CAROL Bike’s freewheel clutch allows you to safely stop pedaling at any time. If you do want to cycle out of the saddle (e.g., with a Peloton Digital class), a smooth pedal stroke will come easy with some practice and slightly higher resistance levels.

CAROL Bike’s frame, brake system, and screen have all been meticulously designed to offer an optimal REHIT experience.

The smartest, not the largest screen

There’s an arms race to mount the biggest screen on an exercise bike, with 21, 24 or even 27-inch screens common today. At CAROL, we decide to use the smartest, not the largest screen.

Our competitors make huge compromises to ever increase their screen sizes. For example:

  • Screen resolution is kept at 1920×1080 (FHD), resulting in a grainy image that might be acceptable for video but not for text, metrics, and graphs – especially given we are all used to Retina displays from our phones. CAROL Bike has 2K (2000×1200) resolution on an 11-inch screen, providing the sharp image quality you expect.
  • Processors are low-powered budget versions that are just adequate for streaming video content but too slow for demanding gaming applications like Zwift. CAROL Bike boasts 8x the processing power of Peloton Bike and 50% more than Bike+.
  • Memory, storage, and other performance parameters give CAROL’s screen an edge over others in every aspect except size.

Wide choice, not locked in

Most popular exercise bikes today come with an expensive monthly subscription that locks you in and you’re unable to use those bikes with other apps. CAROL Bike offers a low monthly membership fee and is compatible with a wide range of third party apps, with or without CAROL membership:

  • Group classes with Peloton Digital​
  • Virtual rides and races with Zwift, Kinomap, Rouvy, and more​
  • Entertainment with Youtube, Netflix, Disney+ and more​
  • News with CNN, Fox, NBC and more
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