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REHIT Energizer: 3x10-second sprints

Presumed to deliver similar fitness benefits as REHIT Intermediate but in a much lighter workout.

With 3×10-second max-intensity sprints, and low-intensity warm-up and cooldown, REHIT Energizer works like this: 


  • Warm up: 20-seconds to 2-minute 
  • Sprint 1: 10-seconds 
  • Recovery: 1-minute to 3-minutes 
  • Sprint 2: 10-seconds 
  • Recovery: 1-minute to 3-minutes 
  • Sprint 3: 10-seconds 
  • Cooldown: 3-minutes 


This workout might be a great choice for you if 2×15-second sprints feel too tough and 2×10-second sprints not challenging enough. 


The duration of this REHIT Energizer workout is 5:50 – 11:30 minutes, depending on the length of your warm up and recovery. 

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