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Fat Burn 60

60x8-second sprints trigger massive calorie-burn during your workout and after.

This demanding HIIT ride consists of:

– Short warm up

– 60x 8-second sprints, with a 12-second recovery in-between

– Final 3-minute cooldown

Sprints demand high intensity, while warm-up, recovery and cool-down are performed at very low intensity.

The workout lasts 17—25 minutes.

The resistance level is linked to your personal, optimized resistance set through the REHIT workouts.

Try to push as hard as you can during the sprints, especially in the first and last few intervals.

If fat loss is your main objective, add 1—3 Fat Burn rides to your baseline of 2 REHIT rides per week.

Fat Burn 30


Fat Burn 45


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