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Weight Loss

Scientific evidence shows that CAROL Bike’s Fat Burn workouts burn twice as many calories as regular exercise.

In addition to 2-3 REHIT rides, we recommend adding 1-3 Fat Burn rides to your weekly regimen if fat loss is your main objective.

These demanding HIIT rides generate massive calorie burn during and after the workout, and they are scientifically proven to burn twice as many calories as regular exercise.

The resistance for Fat Burn rides is linked to your REHIT resistance, so the workouts will adapt as you get fitter and stronger.


Train in Zone 2 for optimal longevity benefits.

Minimal Time

Short on time? Utilize the shortest, most effective workout.

Fitness Tracking

Track Functional Threshold Power (FTP), aerobic performance, and more.

Endless Entertainment

CAROL Bike integrates with entertainment apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and more.

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