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If you have more time and want optimal longevity benefits, consider longer workouts performed at lower intensity (Zone 2).

Zone 2 training is performed at a lower level of effort, where holding a conversation while exercising is possible. It has gained a lot of traction in recent years, receiving endorsements from leading health and fitness experts such as Peter Attia and Andrew Huberman.

In addition to 2-3 REHIT rides, consider doing 2-3 longer workouts per week (ideally 60-90 minutes each) in Zone 2 for optimal longevity benefits.

CAROL Bike offers a number of options for Zone 2 training:

  1. Zone-Based Free Ride: Keeps you automatically in a specific training zone.
  2. Constant Power Free Ride: Allows you to select a target power as the bike automatically adjusts resistance to keep your power output at that level.
  3. Regular Free Ride: Lets you directly control resistance.

Zone 2 training can also be done while cycling through virtual landscapes in apps like Zwift or Kinomap or while watching YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and other popular streaming apps. (These apps require membership independent from CAROL Bike.)

Minimal Time

Short on time? Utilize the shortest, most effective workout.

Fitness Tracking

Track Functional Threshold Power (FTP), aerobic performance, and more.

Weight Loss

Burn twice as many calories as regular exercise with Fat Burn rides.

Endless Entertainment

CAROL Bike integrates with entertainment apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and more.

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