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Make exercise a sustainable habit

Adherence is the key to success when it comes to exercise. That's why we've designed CAROL Bike to help you build long-lasting exercise habits—with ease of adherence at the forefront.

We believe that adherence matters most. More than workout performance or effectiveness. After all, the best workout in the world won’t help if you don’t do it. 

Habit Score: your personal workout adherence gauge

Consistency in workouts isn’t just about effort, it’s also about repetition and dedication. That’s where our Habit Score comes in. We’ve devised this to help you monitor how consistently you’re sticking to your workout routine.  


On a scale from 0—100, the Habit Score reflects how well you’ve been adhering to your routine week on week. The goal? To encourage regular uptake. Aiming for a consistent habit of at least 3 rides per week can net you the highest score. 


Now, you can easily check your Habit Score on your CAROL Bike dashboard, letting you track, adapt, and thrive in your fitness journey. 

Why less can mean more in training

We believe that adherence matters most. More than workout performance or effectiveness. After all, the best workout in the world won’t help if you don’t do it.


Research has shown that shorter and fewer sprints during Sprint Interval Training leads to a more positive emotional response from riders, leaving them feeling more confident to continue with their workouts.


Other research has shown that just 2x20s sprints are sufficient to elicit the most potent training stimulus, while 4, 5, 6, or more sprints appear to deliver less benefits.


While it is not fully understood why, one possible explanation is that riders may pace themselves when faced with multiple or longer sprints, holding back during each sprint rather than going “all out” – but that’s exactly what makes REHIT so effective.


The REHIT Intense ride with 2×20-second sprints is in a sweet spot that delivers optimal results and feels doable for most – helping to create a sustainable habit.


If 2×20-seconds feel too hard for you, try the 2×15 or 2×10-second REHIT workouts. They are substantially easier yet deliver still worthwhile results. The 2x10s REHIT workout has been shown in research  to still deliver around 40% of the fitness benefit of the 2×20-second ride.

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A Simple Habit

New riders hit an average of 3.2 rides a week, in their first 100 days.

15 Minutes a Week

CAROL Bike’s science-backed workouts. The short, smart, simple fit for your life.

AI-Personalized Ride

CAROL Bike’s AI algorithm calibrates every moment on the bike to you.

Your Progress

CAROL Bike’s Fitness Score lets you track how your fitness is improving.

Your Favorite Apps

Seamlessly connect to apps like Zwift, Kinomap, Peloton Digital and more.

Endless Entertainment

CAROL Bike integrates with entertainment apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and more.

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