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5 tips for building a lasting fitness habit

Learn how to set specific goals, create cue-based plans, make it enjoyable, foster flexibility, and leverage social support to establish a sustainable fitness habit.

In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, incorporating all 3 pillars of fitness—cardio, strength, and mobility—is essential for a well-rounded and sustainable regimen. However, creating lasting habits can be challenging. This article presents 5 science-backed tips to help you establish a fitness habit that stands the test of time.


Habitual behaviors are triggered automatically, with little conscious forethought. Theory suggests that making healthy behaviors habitual and breaking the habits that underpin many ingrained unhealthy behaviors can promote long-term behavior change.


These are 5 science-backed tips for setting a habit:

1. Set a specific goal

By setting yourself a specific and measurable goal, you are more likely to succeed in setting healthy habits. Specific goals provide clarity and allow for tracking progress, boosting motivation and interest in the activity. Avoid broad goals, as they may not yield the same results.


An elliptical workout not only helps you to burn calories and lose weight, but it is also great for strengthening muscles and improving cardiovascular health. It engages both the lower and upper body muscles, providing a whole body workout.

2. Create a cue-based plan

Once you have set your goal, choose a simple action that will move you towards it, and that you can do on a daily basis. Aim for consistency by planning when and where you will complete your chosen action—a time and place that you encounter every day of the week. Then, every time you encounter that time and place, carry out the action.



Namely, whenever situation x arises, you initiate the goal-directed response y. The context can be any cue within your daily routine, such as an event (“when I get home from work”) or a time of day (“after I brush my teeth in the morning”). Within 10 weeks you should find you are engaging in the action automatically without even having to think about it.

3. Make it fun

Harnessing immediate rewards is a proven way to increase persistence in long-term goals. Find ways to make your habit enjoyable, such as listening to uplifting music during workouts or choosing scenic jogging routes. By linking pleasure with the habit, you increase the likelihood of sticking to it.

4. Foster flexibility

While consistency is important, allowing for flexibility in your habits may result in better long-term results. Unexpected disruptions may occur, and rigid adherence to a routine can be discouraging. Grant yourself the freedom to adapt the timing or adjust the action when necessary, ensuring sustainable progress.

5. Get social

Leverage the power of social influence by surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who have already established the habit you aim to build. Join local fitness groups, participate in community events, or seek out workout buddies. Sharing your fitness journey with others not only provides support but also adds a fun and motivating element.

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