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Unbeatable value

The time saved on exercise each week, the commercial-grade quality, low monthly membership fees, and wide compatibility with other apps make CAROL Bike outstanding value for money.


Save time

CAROL Bike is a worthwhile investment that saves hours on exercise each week. Research shows that just 3x5-minute sessions per week provide double the health and fitness benefits of 2.5 hours of conventional exercise.

Commercial grade quality

CAROL Bike's heavy-duty construction is designed and certified for gym and professional use, with the ability to withstand the high forces of maximum intensity sprints, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Despite its robust build, CAROL Bike's sleek and compact design makes it a convenient fit for your home.

Low monthly membership fees

CAROL Bike's affordable membership fee of $15/month offers unbeatable value among other exercise bikes on the market. Over a 3-year period, CAROL Bike costs 23% less than a Peloton Bike+ when factoring in membership.

See what you get with CAROL membership, here.

Wide choice, not locked in

Unlike most popular exercise bikes today, which lock users into a closed system, CAROL Bike is compatible with a wide range of third-party apps, with or without a CAROL membership:

  • Group classes with Peloton Digital​
  • Virtual rides and races with Zwift, Kinomap, Rouvy, and more​
  • Entertainment with YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and more​
  • News with CNN, Fox, NBC and more