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CAROL Bike: Dave Asprey’s cardio of choice

Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking, names CAROL Bike as the ultimate cardiovascular exercise hack in his book Smarter Not Harder. CAROL isn’t just the smartest, most effective exercise bike he’s tried—every workout is backed by science too.

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Time-saving, habit-forming—and scientifically proven to get you fittest, fastest.

CAROL’s science-backed workouts make it the world's most effective exercise bike. In fact, Dave Asprey is such a believer in the cardio biohacking power of CAROL that he mentions it as his cardio of choice in his book Smarter Not Harder. You'll also find CAROL Bikes at all of Dave Asprey's Upgrade Labs, which are the world's first Human Upgrade Centers.

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What sets CAROL Bike apart?

  • Shortest, most effective workouts

    Just 5 minutes, 3x a week. Scientifically proven to deliver results and designed for time-poor people.

  • Personalized to your fitness and goals

    CAROL Bike's AI-personalization makes it suitable for any age and fitness level.

  • Significant results in 8 weeks

    CAROL Bike is proven to improve your VO2max by 12% in just 8 weeks, effectively turning back the clock by 10 years on your physical fitness.

Listen to Dave's podcast with Ulrich Dempfle, CEO and co-founder at CAROL

Dave Asprey talks with CAROL CEO and co-founder, Ulrich Dempfle, about the scientifically proven benefits of CAROL Bike.

"It’s the rapid onset of glycogen depletion that makes the difference. So it’s exactly that slope of the curve that releases the signaling molecules that tells your body it has to get fitter and stronger.”  – Ulrich Dempfle, CAROL CEO

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Your results, supported by science

  • Get Fitter

    Improve your cardio fitness by 12% in just 8 weeks.

  • Save Time

    Get all the benefits of a 45-minute run in just 5. 

  • Live Healthier

    Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 62% – and your blood pressure by 5%.

  • Live Younger

    Improving your VO2max by 12% is like turning your body clock back 10 years.

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    If you live in the mainland US or Canada, get your new CAROL Bike delivered for free.

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