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A former first responder's journey with CAROL Bike

Hear the inspiring story of a former first responder who transitioned to entrepreneurship and found a groundbreaking way to balance fitness with a demanding life. Discover how CAROL Bike became his ultimate solution to maintain fitness, boost health span, and prioritize family.

For many, balancing a demanding career, family life, and personal fitness can seem like an insurmountable challenge. This was the reality for former first responder and entrepreneur Joel Evan, who, despite the constant juggling act, discovered a game-changing solution in CAROL Bike. His journey, a testament to resilience and adaptability, offers valuable insights for anyone struggling to find time for fitness.  


“Being in shape was not just a personal goal; my job actually depended on it.” he shares. After his first child was born, traditional gym routines became impractical, leading him to seek efficient workout alternatives. “I had to ditch my CrossFit gym membership due to the lack of time.” While HIIT sessions and kettlebell workouts were initially helpful, he yearned for something more scientifically grounded and time efficient. 

Enter CAROL Bike

Transitioning from a first responder to an online coaching entrepreneur meant his schedule became even more hectic, compounded by the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood. “The demand to be a present father is extremely important,” he emphasizes, reflecting a sentiment shared by many parents. This shift brought CAROL Bike into his life, a technology that not only fits into his busy schedule but also aligns with his newfound understanding of the importance of cardio for longevity and health span. 


“I understand the importance of cardio for health span and lifespan. CAROL is the antidote. In less than 10 minutes, I can complete a challenging workout with CAROL and then immediately switch back to being an engaged dad,” he reveals.  

Listen to Joel talk with CAROL co-founder, Ulrich, about unleashing your full fitness potential in his podcast, The Joel Evan Show.

Finding a fitness solution that sticks

What makes CAROL particularly appealing to Joel is its ability to significantly increase VO2max, a crucial fitness marker. This efficiency in enhancing oxygen absorption during exercise is typically achieved through prolonged jogging, but CAROL Bike accomplishes it in much shorter sessions. 


His experience resonates with many of his health coaching clients who cite lack of time as their biggest barrier to regular exercise. CAROL Bike dismantles this obstacle, enabling users to maintain fitness without compromising other life priorities. It’s a balance that he not only practices but also passionately advocates in his bestselling book, “IGNITE! The Ultimate Guide to Holistic Weight Loss, Feeling Confident in Your Own Body, and Unlocking Your Full Potential.”  


The story of this former first responder turned entrepreneur and health coach is more than just about finding the right fitness tool. It’s about adapting to life’s changes, prioritizing health, and embracing innovative solutions like CAROL Bike that cater to the fast-paced world we live in. 

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