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Simone's journey with CAROL: From podcast to peak fitness

It's not every day that a podcast changes your life. For rider Simone, it was the first step in a transformative journey with CAROL. Just 3 months into using her bike, she's now a proud rider and an advocate for others to hop on and experience the change themselves.

The power of CAROL

CAROL Bike rider Simone recalls her initial encounter with CAROL: I first heard about CAROL on a podcast I was listening to. The concept of an AI-personalized exercise bike intrigued me, and I decided to explore it further.” But what convinced Simone to try CAROL was her decision to invest in a Smart Fit Method franchise, where she experienced the power of CAROL firsthand. It was a serendipitous opportunity that she couldn’t resist.  


Simone credits CAROL for transforming her fitness. She says: CAROL has been a game-changer for me. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my cardiovascular health. It takes a lot more effort to get me winded during any physical activity.” Simone’s story showcases how CAROL can help individuals achieve peak fitness levels and enjoy a healthier, more energetic life. 

A formula for success

In terms of her workout regimen, Simone follows a targeted approach to achieve maximum results. She shares: My go-to workouts on CAROL include the signature REHIT Intense ride, consisting of 2×20-second sprints, followed by the Fat Burn 30 ride with 30×8-second sprints, along with LIVO2 oxygen.” This combination not only boosts her cardiovascular fitness but also optimizes her workouts to deliver health benefits in shorter timeframes. 


Over the course of 3 months, CAROL Bike has become an indispensable part of Simone’s fitness routine. Her story serves as an inspiration to those considering CAROL. For those on the fence about taking the leap with CAROL, Simone has some simple advice: “Just do it!”. 

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