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The habit factor: Making fitness stick with CAROL Bike

Building a lasting fitness habit can be challenging, but with CAROL's time-efficient REHIT workouts, it's surprisingly attainable. This blog delves into why adherence is crucial and how CAROL's personalized approach makes committing to fitness not just possible, but enjoyable.

Research shows only 5% of people dedicate enough time to exercise, but with just 3×5-minute REHIT sessions per week, CAROL Bike offers the shortest, most effective solution—making it easy to form a fitness habit that lasts.

Adherence: The key to fitness success 

The journey to make fitness a habit often starts with skepticism, especially when considering the efficiency of short workouts like CAROL’s REHIT ride, which consists of just 2×20-second sprints. However, once you experience the intensity of these workouts, belief quickly follows. Still, the appearance of maximum intensity sprints being too daunting is a genuine concern at CAROL. We understand that the most effective workout is pointless if it’s not performed consistently. Adherence trumps effectiveness.

Why consistent routine matters

Exercise, much like dieting, requires consistency for lasting benefits. A sporadic approach leads to transient results. It’s not just about achieving fitness goals but maintaining them. This is why at CAROL, we prioritize making exercise a habit over short-term effectiveness. 

Strategies for building an exercise habit

Time-efficient workouts


In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for lengthy workouts is a challenge. If you simply don’t have an extra 2.5-3 hours a week for cardio exercise, CAROL’s time-efficient REHIT workouts offer a practical solution, and can be done in as little as 5 minutes. External motivation, such as engaging music or celebrity instructors, may work temporarily, but the key is finding a workout that seamlessly integrates into your life. “‘Lack of time’ is the most often cited reason for not exercising regularly. The short duration of CAROL workouts cannot be emphasized enough.” says Daniel Green, at the American Council on Exercise.


Personalized workouts


REHIT’s effectiveness stems from reaching personal maximum intensity, not a one-size-fits-all level. CAROL’s AI customizes the resistance to your individual needs, making each workout uniquely suited to you. Your optimal sprint resistance is calculated based on your rate of fatigue during the sprints, maximum pedal speed, age, gender, weight, height, and past resistance. CAROL guides you through the workout and computer-controlled brakes automatically apply your optimal resistance instantly, so you can focus entirely on reaching your maximum intensity and making every second count.


Adaptable workouts for all levels


If the idea of 2×20-second sprints seems too intense, CAROL offers alternatives—in fact, you can choose from 5 REHIT ride variations. You can give yourself the full 3 minute recovery period between the sprints and that will make the workout feel easier.

Or you can opt for shorter sprint durations or quantities. Even 2×10-second or 2×15-second sprints can provide noticeable fitness benefits, serving as an excellent starting point for beginners or on days when you need a gentler workout. 


Performance metrics


CAROL Bike’s Fitness Score (calculated by combining power output and heart rate, to measure your cardiorespiratory fitness) and detailed performance metrics are a simple way to track how your fitness is improving. Making it easy to stay motivated—the key to forming a good habit.


The simplicity and efficiency of CAROL’s workouts are designed to fit into even the busiest schedules, making the elusive fitness habit not just a possibility but a reality.

Catch our co-founder's insights on how ease of adherence plays a crucial role in successfully building and maintaining a fitness habit.

Encouraging statistics

CAROL Bike’s workouts are short, effective and fit seamlessly into your life—making it easy to build a new habit. The average new rider on CAROL Bike completes 3.2 rides per week in their first 100 days. This statistic is heartening as it indicates a growing trend of people successfully incorporating CAROL into their regular routine. 


In a world where time is precious, and maintaining a consistent fitness routine is challenging, CAROL Bike is a practical and efficient solution. By focusing on personalized intensity and manageable workout durations, CAROL not only helps to achieve fitness goals but ensures they become a sustainable part of your lifestyle. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, making fitness a habit is an achievable goal with CAROL.


Try CAROL Bike for yourself with a 100-day home trial—and see how easy it is to make fitness a habit.


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New riders hit an average of 3.2 rides a week, in their first 100 days.

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