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CAROL’s community of over 25,000 riders are optimizing their health and fitness and living younger and happier lives. Discover how they make every second count with CAROL Bike.

Hear from the CAROL community

Our community includes a huge variety of individuals. From teens to seniors and from Olympic athletes to people who just started their fitness journey, and from riders with minimal time to those who enjoy hours of exercise. CAROL’s AI algorithms and computer-controlled resistance system will create the optimal workout precisely for every one of our riders.

Tried and tested by top publications

Nicolette Accardi

"Who wouldn’t want to work out for just five minutes a day and see a difference?"

Nick Heil

"This is truly the bike of the future."

Cameron Sherrill

"A high-intensity training workout bike that kicks my ass every day."

Ally Sinyard

"A good solution for people who are new to exercise or daunted by the idea of longer workouts."

Emily Henderson

"Double the health and fitness benefits in 20% of the time compared to traditional exercise."

Duncan Bell

"Goodbye Peloton! I tried CAROL Bike which gets you fit in 40 SECONDS flat."

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Biohacker Approved

Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking on CAROL Bike: “This is real!”

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