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From injury to peak performance

Discover how Shauna lost 45lb., recovered from injury, improved fitness, and climbed the leader board in just 6 months with CAROL Bike.

Shauna's success story

Shauna’s inspiring journey from injury to peak performance was made possible by the cutting-edge technology of CAROL Bike. As an NCAA athlete turned mom of 2, Shauna’s determination and hard work, paired with CAROL’s unique workouts and advanced design, helped her regain her fitness and exceed her goals. 

After facing 2.5 years of misdiagnosis and delayed surgery, Shauna finally found a surgeon who could repair her hip arthroscopically and needed an exercise routine to help her regain fitness. That’s when she discovered CAROL.

“Following my 16-week rehabilitation program, I needed a plan to get my fitness back on track. CAROL Bike efficiently improved my cardiovascular endurance, reduced reinjury risk, and was low impact on my recovering body.”

Tracking progress, surpassing goals

Shauna’s physiotherapist and trainer guided her to use CAROL Bike’s Free Ride and Fat Burn 30 workouts, riding 3x a week and doing strength training 2x a week. With the help of her CAROL dashboard, she was able to track her progress and stay motivated to improve.

I began feeling better and my body weight decreased steadily.” Shauna said. After 6 months of consistent training, she was ready for the next challenge: climbing to the top of CAROL’s leaderboard. 

Shauna worked closely with her trainer to develop a rigorous training program. She trained 6 days a week, gradually increasing her intensity until she was doing the REHIT Intense ride 2x a week, Fat Burn 60 2x a week, strength training 3x a week, and using Manual mode when needed to challenge herself further.

CAROL Bike has helped Shauna lose an incredible 45lbs, bounce back from injury, and improve her health week on week.

Exercising smarter with CAROL Bike

Thanks to CAROL Bike’s shortest, most effective workouts, Shauna has been on a 29-week streak, averaging 4.5 rides per week. She consistently ranks in the top 3 spots on the women’s leaderboard for fitness score, peak power, and energy output. Recently, she hit a new personal best of 266K watt-seconds in Fat Burn 60. And with the help of CAROL Bike, she lost an incredible 45 lbs., sleeps better, and has higher energy levels.

Exercising smarter with CAROL is improving my health week after week,” Shauna said. “The AI personalization takes any guesswork out of my workouts, so I continue to be challenged and exceed my goals. I am a powerful example of CAROL Bike’s effectiveness.

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