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Gaby Moreno: Climbing to new heights with CAROL Bike

Hear how a functional medicine practitioner found her perfect training partner in CAROL, enhancing her rock-climbing prowess and overall fitness with groundbreaking technology.

Gaby Moreno, an MD and Master in Sport Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner and passionate rock climber, embodies the relentless pursuit of peak physical and mental wellbeing. “I have a calling,” Gaby begins, “to help people reach optimal health so they can enjoy life, at their best, for longer.” She shares how CAROL Bike revolutionized her and her clients’ approach to maintaining peak physical health, making it possible to train effectively, even on the busiest days or in the harshest weather conditions. 


With a love for rock climbing, Gaby’s commitment requires rigorous training five days a week. Initially skeptical of cardio machines, Gaby’s discovery of CAROL Bike marked a turning point. “After experiencing its remarkable effectiveness and witnessing tangible improvements in my performance with minimal time commitment, I became a true believer. It turned out to be the fitness game-changer I never knew I needed,” she says, emphasizing the efficiency and effectiveness of CAROL workouts. 

Scaling peaks with science

Gaby appreciates CAROL Bike’s versatility, utilizing REHIT, Fat Burn and Zone-Based workouts to enhance her climbing training, ensuring she and her husband can continue exploring the world. “The transformative impact on how my body feels has made CAROL my undisputed go-to for cardio workouts.”  


Particularly, Gaby finds motivation in CAROL Bike’s AI-personalization and detailed rider dashboard. “I love the way it adjusts to me and puts me to the test every time. I also love that it allows me to be competitive with myself and, secretly, with others.”  


For Gaby, CAROL Bike is a lifeline for maintaining fitness and morale, come rain, snow, or tight schedules. “Be it a snowy morning, a rainy day, scorching heat, or a rushed schedule, CAROL consistently saves the day and elevates my mood. It’s more than just a piece of equipment – it’s my uplifting escape and the key to maintaining my wellbeing, no matter what challenges life throws my way.”  


As a professional dedicated to helping others achieve optimal health, Gaby sees CAROL not just as her fitness ally but as a future staple in health and wellness. “I don’t think I can see my future without CAROL; it is the future! That is why, as a sports medicine practitioner, I highly recommend it,” she concludes, advocating for the blend of science, technology, and personal challenge that CAROL Bike offers. 

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