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“I love my CAROL Bike!”

Hear from Dr. Michael Gervais, a performance psychologist who’s helped world-class athletes and organizations raise their game for over 2 decades.

Dr. Gervais has a PhD in psychology, specializing in sport performance, and a master’s degree in kinesiology. After testing CAROL Bike for 2 months, he’s convinced: it’s the most effective way to build a fitness habit—and help more people lead healthier lives.

The science behind CAROL Bike’s Reduced Exertion HIIT workout works like this: During 2x 20-second sprints, you trigger a fight-or-flight mechanism that uses the stress created to build both physiological and stress capacity. And that’s really important, because from a psychological perspective: if somebody’s feeling stressed in life, under pressure, anxious—or even depressed—doing this type of work builds capacity to handle more of those external demands.

Listen to the full podcast here and learn more about the health and fitness benefits of CAROL Bike’s workouts.

“I love my CAROL Bike. I use it two ways – after I do my strength training and when I’ve been on the go, my schedule gets jammed up – there’s literally no reason I can’t find 5 minutes to work out.”
Dr Michael Gervais
Performance Psychologist
Biohacker Approved

Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking on CAROL Bike: “This is real!”

CAROL rider – Simone

Joining the CAROL community through a unique twist of fate, rider Simone shares how CAROL Bike has transformed her cardiovascular health in just 3 months.

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