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A simple habit, that works.

Embrace a simple habit that fits seamlessly into your schedule, with CAROL Bike’s short, science-backed workouts. Research shows only 5% of people dedicate enough time to exercise, but with just 3×5-minute REHIT sessions per week, CAROL Bike offers the shortest, most effective solution—making it easy to form a fitness habit that lasts.

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A Simple Habit

New riders hit an average of 3.2 rides a week, in their first 100 days.

15 Minutes a Week

CAROL Bike’s science-backed workouts. The short, smart, simple fit for your life.

AI-Personalized Ride

CAROL Bike’s AI algorithm calibrates every moment on the bike to you.

Your Progress

CAROL Bike’s Fitness Score lets you track how your fitness is improving.

Your Favorite Apps

Seamlessly connect to apps like Zwift, Kinomap, Peloton Digital and more.

Endless Entertainment

CAROL Bike integrates with entertainment apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and more.

Is it for me?

Find out whether CAROL Bike is right for you.

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