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Biohacker Approved

CAROL is the bike of choice at all of Dave Asprey's Upgrade Labs — the world’s first Human Upgrade Centers — and here's why.

Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking, is so confident in CAROL Bike’s cardio biohacking power, that you’ll find them in his Upgrade Labs—the world’s first Human Upgrade Centers. Where recovery, performance, and cognitive technologies combine to help the body function better.

Before developing a range of science-backed workouts, CAROL Bike was founded on the principles of Reduced-Exertion HIIT (REHIT). Designed to hit the sweet spot for health and fitness—with added AI-personalization. Those same principles align with what Dave’s striving for: to elevate human performance using the latest scientific research. And now he’s sharing these findings with his community.

“This is real. CAROL Bike gives you double the results of traditional exercise—in just 10% of the time.”
Dave Asprey
Bulletproof and Upgrade Labs founder

Working out for just 15 minutes a week, as a CAROL Bike rider you can expect a 12% improvement in your cardiorespiratory fitness (measured as VO2max) in just 8 weeks. That’s a really big deal.

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CAROL rider – Simone

Joining the CAROL community through a unique twist of fate, rider Simone shares how CAROL Bike has transformed her cardiovascular health in just 3 months.

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