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Defying age, defining fitness: Andrea’s CAROL journey

Andrea exemplifies what it means to defy fitness limits. With a VO2max score that rivals those in their twenties, CAROL Bike has helped Andrea redefine her health trajectory. From overcoming injury to setting new standards in cardio health, Andrea proves that with the right tools and dedication, age is just a number.

Andrea Miller’s fitness narrative isn’t just about overcoming injury; it‘s a story of transcending expectations and achieving extraordinary cardiovascular health. At 55, Andrea is at peak fitness, with a VO2max  that defies her age—reflecting a youthful vigor most can only aspire to. She attributes this remarkable fitness level to CAROL Bike. 

Andrea's ascent from setback to comeback 

 As a dedicated pilates trainer and competitive athlete, Andrea faced a pivotal challenge when a hamstring injury halted her running routine, leading her to discover alternative cardio paths. Her competitive spirit undiminished, Andrea conquered the Boston Fight for Air climb, finishing first in her age bracket. Yet, it wasn’t until the unforeseen closure of gyms during the pandemic that she discovered CAROL Bike—a turning point she now considers a leap into the future of fitness. 


Andrea quickly recognized CAROL’s alignment with her biohacking mindset and fitness aspirations. “CAROL is without question the future of fitness,” Andrea states, emphasizing the science and research backing CAROL Bike. Her enthusiasm is palpable as she describes its impact: “CAROL has been a game changer for me. The REHIT Intense ride is revolutionary in the fitness realm. It’s the most effective way to get the fittest, the fastest.” 

Defying limits with CAROL Bike

CAROL’s 30-minute zone-based free ride is Andrea’s go-to for a challenging yet safe workout that caters to her hamstring sensitivity. “Love that I can custom set a challenging resistance, get in 9 miles in 30 minutes safely staying in the upper heart rate zones,” she explains. The CAROL experience is uniquely accommodating, ensuring her heart reaches its limits before her body feels the strain—a crucial factor for someone navigating post-injury fitness. “Usually hamstring pain impairs my workouts but not with CAROL.” 


Incorporating CAROL Bike into her routine wasn’t just about maintaining fitness; it was about elevating it. When Andrea visited a sports medicine cardiologist for a VO2max cycling lab study, the results were astounding. At 55, her VO2max was 53—216% over the predicted VO2max for her age. Her cardiovascular vitality was akin to someone in their 20s, a testament to the effectiveness of CAROL’s science-backed workouts. 

Andrea at the Biohacker Summit 2023 with CAROL co-founder, Ulrich Dempfle.

Andrea's CAROL Bike advocacy

Andrea’s advocacy for CAROL extends beyond her own use. She is proud to have become a CAROL ambassador, representing the brand at industry events including the Biohacker Summit 2023. She is also a passionate proponent of CAROL Bike to her pilates clients, many of whom have been inspired to try it for themselves. “They are so happy they added CAROL to their fitness routine.” 


Incorporating CAROL into her daily life, Andrea has not only circumvented the limitations imposed by her injury but has also embraced a new pinnacle of cardiovascular health and fitness. Andrea’s journey underscores the transformative power of embracing a science-backed approach to exercise with CAROL Bike—one that promises superior health and fitness benefits, no matter the age or starting point. 

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