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Free science-backed guide

New Year. Fit You.

Learn what really works when it comes to fitness and build your optimal regimen based on the 3 pillars of fitness—cardio, strength and mobility. With proven methods for helping habits stick.

Achieve maximum fitness results—in minimal time.

Science-backed advice for becoming the fittest you—in the least time. No fads. No miracles. Just science. The guide covers:

  • Building the optimal routine: from how often to work out to what order to do it in
  • The science behind cardio, strength and mobility
  • The most effective routines for all 3 pillars
  • Proven methods for setting fitness habits

Download your free guide and learn how to make fitness habits stick.

Scientifically proven to get results.

CAROL Bike was developed in collaboration with leading exercise researchers to create the shortest, most effective workouts possible.

Get Fitter

Improve your fitness by 12% in just 8 weeks.

Live Younger

Improving your VO2max by 12% is like turning the clock back on your age by 10 years.

Live Healthier

Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 62%—and blood pressure by 5%.

Next-level HIIT

Why Reduced Exertion HIIT (REHIT) is the most effective workout.

Maximum Metabolism

You’ll burn more calories on a 15-minute CAROL ride, than a 30-minute run.

Got a question? Let’s book a call.

All our experts have MSCs in Exercise Science, and they’re here to answer your questions. Whether it’s about these workouts, or the science behind CAROL Bike, whatever’s on your mind—we’re here for you.

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8 hacks for optimal fitness

Get your free guide to improve cardio and strength based on Dave Asprey's new book.