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AI-Personalized Ride

In each AI-personalized workout you train with your optimal resistance level, so every second matters.


CAROL Bike’s AI-personalized workouts continually optimize and adjust the resistance to your fitness level. Analyzing every second of your sprints to create the shortest, most effective workout for you.

Our community of over 20,000 riders includes a huge variety of individuals. From teens to seniors and from Olympic athletes to people who just started their fitness journey, CAROL’s AI algorithm tailors an optimal workout precisely for each of them.

Your optimal sprint resistance is calculated based on your rate of fatigue during the sprints, maximum pedal speed, age, gender, weight, height, and past resistance.

CAROL guides you through the workout and computer-controlled brakes automatically apply your optimal resistance instantly, so you can focus entirely on reaching your maximum intensity and making every second count.

“Every time you mount the bike, you get a personalized workout that improves your health and fitness.”

Michael Kummer

Fitness influencer