Disclaimer | CAROL HIIT Stationary Bike

It is of overriding importance to us that all users who subscribe to our service and use the CAROL stationary bike find it a motivating, rewarding and safe user experience.

All individual subscribers must prior to carrying out any exercise on CAROL complete an exercise questionnaire (PARQ). This is for the benefit of each individual subscriber, to ensure that the equipment is used within the prescribed safety margins for such a subscriber. When providing the information the answers must be truthful, accurate and up to date. We cannot accept any liability from any injury or damage based on false, inaccurate or out of date information. Each individual subscriber of the CAROL service is responsible for his/her own health.

If as a result of the questionnaire completed by an individual subscriber we have any concerns about a subscriber’s health we would recommend that such a subscriber seek medical advice from a professional prior to using CAROL.

If a person intending to subscribe to the CAROL service has a pre-existing health condition such as high blood pressure, cardiac health problems, orthopaedic problems with knees or hip or any other condition that which he/she believes may affect his/her use of CAROL then he/she must seek medical advice from a professional prior to using CAROL.

As with all and any exercise programme, users are advised to check with their GP if they have any undiagnosed conditions that would prevent them from using CAROL.

We cannot be held responsible if an individual fails to seek medical advice as to his/her suitability to use of CAROL. In addition, if a user feels unwell when using CAROL he/she must immediately cease use of CAROL and must seek medical advice from a medical professional. The user should also notify us as soon as is reasonably practical.

All subscribers must follow the instructions for safe use as are provided to the user via a website or any other means prior to initial use of CAROL and regularly thereafter. In addition, the users must follow the instructions for the completion of the CAROL exercise that are displayed on the screen during the exercise.