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“My go-to solution for keeping healthy.”

Long-time rider Joel Evan said goodbye to excuses when he discovered CAROL Bike’s shortest, most effective workouts. In his words, it was an “absolute gamechanger".


Less than 5% of the population meets the recommendations for aerobic exercise. Why? A lack of time. CAROL rider Joel Evan used to know this feeling all too well.

As a busy entrepreneur, dad, holistic health coach, and podcast host, "I have no time to work out" was a common excuse of his. Until he discovered CAROL Bike.

“The most significant barrier for me and my busy clients is TIME, and CAROL removes that; in just 5-10 minutes, you get a cardio workout equivalent to 45 mins. Absolute game-changer!”

CAROL Bike gives you all the benefits of a 45-minute run in just 5.

5 minutes, 3x a week. Scientifically proven to be the most effective cardio workout—and so easy to fit into your routine. Joel continues to see results a year into his riding journey.

“I've been using CAROL Bike for over a year now. It is my go-to solution for burning fat and keeping my cardiovascular system healthy.”

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